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Welcome to ScoreEZ.

Whether you're a Baseball Coach, a Baseball League Board member or a concerned Parent of a Baseball Player.

ScoreEZ has an EZ solution for You.

It's FREE, if you just want the best tools on the Web, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Android device to score a Baseball game and then have a PDF Scoresheet emailed to you.

If you are willing to pay a little per month, you can keep score for multiple teams, generate stats, generate batting lineups, rosters and much, much more.

ScoreEZ is the modern web-based team management and scorekeeping system for Baseball Leagues and Teams at all levels.

  • League Boards of Directors:

    • One Stop Roster Management ... League-Wide ... Comprehensive, Easy to Use Year-on-Year, Secure
      Communicate with your entire League, as easy as writing one email.
    • League-Wide Season Scorebook ... Setup the entire season for all teams!
      • Link to your existing website ... summaries, or see each and every pitch!
      • Each Coach or Team Assistant enters the scores and everyone can see them!
      • Tournaments brackets can be automatically generated ... from the seasons overall scores!
    • Stats, Stats, Stats ... on every player, game, team ... and opposing teams.

  • Coaches:

    • One Stop Roster Management
    • Season Scorebook ... Year-over-Year ... as little or as much as you want, down to every pitch!
    • Stats, Stats, Stats ... on every player, game ... and opposing team.
    • A great communication tool with Parents and Players that is Baseball specific. Not Facebook or email.
    • Keep track of practice schedules, e-Blast the entire team, and track progress on specific batting, fielding and other goals for each player.

  • Parents:

    • A record of all your child's Baseball achievements, a Picture or two ... and stats
    • Season Scorebook ... as little or as much as you want, down to every pitch!

  • Players:

    • Always know your stats and what they mean, practice times, and gameday assignments.
    • Game-to-Game comparison stats gives players concrete evidence of progress and actionable information on areas they need to improve.

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